DADS is a community organisation based in the Redlands Qld supporting Fathers, Veterans and extended family members who are navigating their way through the complexities of Domestic and Family Violence and Family Court proceedings. see more

Support Services

We offer a wide range of support services and referrals, including but not limited to young advocacy & support services, domestic and family violence support and paralegal administration services. more

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“ Just knowing an organisation like this is out there, makes the pain a little more bearable. ”

R.L - Queensland
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“ My partner is one of those dads who is being alienated by his ex-wife. He has two beautiful kids, both haven’t spoken to him in over a year. Your community and showing him support has given him hope and he knows he is not alone and I will be purchasing stickers for our cars when they become available. Thank you for guiding him in some way he feels like he can fight for his kids, and being confident in being able to see his own kids. ”

K.W - Queensland
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“ Hey guys, this morning had a small win in court. With having false allegations against me, I have some evidence on my behalf, resulting in the other party withdrawing their DV application against me which I was unfairly accused of. Now it's time to work on ways to get my children back in my life. ”

Matt - Queensland
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“ Just want to thank Dads Against Discrimination Support for the advice. Today I walked out of court a free man. I will have every chance seeing my son grow up, and being a major part in his life. Never give up blokes. ”

Ben - Queensland


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